What Factors Will Affect Your High?


Has this ever happened to you? You and your friend decide to partake in your favorite strain of cannabis, you share a couple of hits each from your vape pen, or maybe you both eat a single serving of an edible. However, despite consuming the same amount of cannabis, you both have very different experiences.

The question is, how is it possible for the two of you to experience very different things? After all, you both got the same amount of THC from the same product. Yet, your friend becomes incredibly relaxed while you don’t feel anything at all. Or, maybe your friend feels very little, but you become overly unsettled and paranoid. 

Here’s the thing; cannabis affects everyone differently. Several different factors can affect how you feel when you use cannabis, leading to unique experiences for you and anyone else who partakes with you. Understanding what affects your high can also help you to have much more enjoyable experiences. It can also help you determine what provides the best results for you. 

The Product You Use

When it comes to using cannabis, you have a multitude of options. Between smoking, vaping, eating edibles, and using a tincture, every method has different variables that will affect your high. Eating an edible, for instance, will hit differently than taking a hit from a vape pen. Inhalation methods (vaping and smoking) provide rapid results, as does a sublingual tincture. With an edible, you won’t feel anything right away. The effects you do feel, however, tend to be more potent.

The Cannabinoid Profile

Cannabinoids are the compounds in the cannabis plant responsible for the effects you feel. No matter what your experience level with marijuana, there’s a good chance that you’ve at least heard of THC and CBD. These are the two most abundant cannabinoids, and they offer a range of health benefits, including relief from pain, inflammation, anxiety, depression, PTSD, and more. 

THC is the cannabinoid responsible for getting you high. However, CBD can interfere with THC’s high-inducing properties, dampening the psychoactive effects. As such, a high THC product with little to no CBD is likely to have more potent effects than a product that contains equal parts THC and CBD or more CBD than THC. 

The Terpene Profile

Every cannabis plant also contains terpenes. These compounds are mainly responsible for the aroma and flavor of a particular strain. While current research is limited, it also suggests that terpenes may play a role in your high. Evidence points toward their ability to intensify or lessen a high, but more research is needed. At the very least, these compounds provide you with a wide range of delightful scents and flavors that can make your overall experience more enjoyable. 

The Dose You Take

The amount of a particular product that you take can have a significant impact on your high. For instance, a too-small dose could mean you feel little to nothing at all. On the other hand, taking too much could result in some rather unpleasant side effects such as extreme paranoia and anxiety. While these effects are temporary, they’re not enjoyable when you’re in the thick of them. For some, it can feel as though they’ll never go away. The general recommendation is to start low and gradually increase how much you take until you find your sweet spot. 

Your Age

Perhaps you’ve come across this scenario – someone tells you that they used to indulge in cannabis “back in the day,” but they can’t do it anymore. Even the smallest doses have harsh consequences. It appears as though most people lose their tolerance for cannabis as they get older. While this isn’t the case for everyone (after all, Willie Nelson still indulges in cannabis products, and he recently turned 88), it’s certainly something to keep in mind. 

Your Tolerance

Age is only one factor that affects your tolerance. Everyone’s body is different, and as such, everyone’s tolerance is different. Your physiology (your sex, weight, etc.), frequency of consumption, and how long you’ve been using cannabis can all play a role. For instance, if you’re on the smaller side and new to cannabis, your tolerance might not be as high as someone who’s been smoking or eating edibles for a few years. To avoid uncomfortable effects, you might want to start with a small dose to see how a particular product affects you. You can then gradually increase the dosage until you reach the type of high you’re hoping to experience. 

Your Mood

Believe it or not, your mood could have an impact on your high. If you’re worried about getting caught, for instance, smoking or eating an edible could amplify those feelings. As a result, you might suddenly become overly anxious or paranoid. On the other hand, taking a few hits from a joint when you’re feeling more comfortable could help to enhance your relaxation and make you feel more at ease. 

Your Environment

Just as your mood can affect your high, so, too, can your environment. If you’re in an unfamiliar place or surrounded by people you don’t know, you might have an alright time, but it won’t be as good as it can be. If you’re in a place where you feel completely safe and comfortable, however, you’re much more likely to enjoy your experience and have a great time. If you’re with people you trust, you may also become more social. 

For the Best Cannabis Experiences, Know What Affects Your High

From the product itself to your physiology to your mental state when you decide to use cannabis, numerous factors play a role in your high. When you know how different types of cannabis affect you, you can more effectively choose products that provide you with the best results possible. You’re also more likely to have a more enjoyable experience. 

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