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When it comes to deals and discounts, no dispensary works harder to provide value for our people than Quality Roots. We always offer an amazing lineup of weekly deals, bulk deals, and daily deals, including:

5 for $20 Edibles
10 for $80 Dabs
20% off Rosin
Mix and match deals in every category!

Quality Roots is your open invitation to the best weed deals in Michigan! Shop all your favorite brands, including Kiva, Wana, Cali Blaze, Paylo, Alchemy, Anarchy, Terpeez, and Made by a Farmer. Visit Quality Roots today or order online and see for yourself!

Loyalty Rewards

Are you ready to save? It pays to be a loyal customer at Quality Roots. Just join our Quality Rewards program and get points every time you shop. How does it work? Simple:

$1 = 1 POINT

100 POINTS = $3 off
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1000 POINTS = $50 off

If saving money on cannabis sounds good to you, visit Quality Roots and join today, or you can sign up for our loyalty program online on the Quality Roots website. 

Quality roots love's Detroit

Known as the “Motor City,” Detroit has a rich history and a resilient spirit. Birthplace of the iconic Motown Sound and hub of the American automotive industry, Detroit’s influence has significantly shaped America’s economic and cultural tapestry.

Despite hard times, Detroit is in a golden age of rejuvenation and revitalization. The city’s vibrant arts scene, burgeoning culinary landscape, and commitment to innovation reflect a city on the rise. From the historic Detroit Institute of Arts and the bustling Eastern Market to the fascinating Detroit Historical Museum, many cultural and recreational activities underscore the city’s unique character.

If you’re in Detroit and looking for a Quality cannabis experience, drop by Quality Roots anytime. We carry over 200 cannabis products from the best brands in Michigan. Our budtenders are welcoming, know Michigan cannabis, and always listen to your needs so they can make the ideal recommendation.

Redefining Quality with Premium Cannabis Products

At Quality Roots, quality is the foundation of everything we do. That means quality products from quality brands with quality service. It also means the best deals in the weed game and a loyalty program that gives back to you. 

You will always find what you’re looking for at Quality Roots. With hundreds of cannabis products from the top brands in Michigan, we carry the best selections of flower, prerolls, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and CBD in Detroit. Moreover, everything on the Quality Roots menu has passed the Michigan Cannabis Regulatory Agency’s standards, so you know it’s safe.

At Quality Roots, inclusivity is our core value. We embrace and celebrate diversity, ensuring that everyone feels welcome. You can always trust us to deliver the best cannabis and the best dispensary experience in Michigan. Visit Quality Roots in Detroit today!

Explore All Detroit Has to Offer

No matter what you’ve heard, Detroit’s a special place. These are some of our favorite things to do there:

1. Detroit Institute of Art (DIA): Located at 5200 Woodward Ave, just a few miles from Quality Roots, the DIA is home to over 65,000 works of art. Spanning 658,000 square feet, its collection is one of the nation’s finest and includes significant works from American, European, Contemporary, and Graphic art. It also features notable collections of African, Asian, Native American, Oceanic, Islamic, and Ancient art. 

One of the DIA’s most celebrated pieces is Diego Rivera’s Detroit Industry fresco cycle, which portrays the city’s manufacturing base and labor force of the 1930s. It is also home to Vincent van Gogh’s Self-Portrait, the first Van Gogh painting to enter a U.S. museum collection.

A place this special demands some true artisanal cannabis, and the Waffle House #7 Live Percy Rosin from 71O Labs is like the Van Gogh of concentrate.

2. Motown Museum: This museum is a monument to the legacy of Motown Records and the music that transformed America. Located six miles from Quality Roots at 2648 Berry Gordy Jr. Blvd, the museum is housed in the humble property once known as “Hitsville U.S.A’. This is where Berry Gordy Jr. built the legendary Motown Records empire, nurturing iconic artists such as Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Marvin Gaye, the Temptations, and the Jackson 5.

Visitors can explore exhibits that provide insight into the remarkable history of Motown and its massive cultural impact. Journey through the rise of the Motown genre with historical photographs, music, costumes, and memorabilia. The museum’s centerpiece is Studio A, the original recording studio where Motown’s artists recorded many of their hits.

The GMO Jungle Cake flower from Common Citizen is a great choice to help you get your Motown groove on. 

3. Hamtramck Stadium: Hamtramck Stadium is less than two miles from Quality Roots at 3201 Dan St and is one of the most significant landmarks in American sports history. Built in 1930, the stadium was home to the Detroit Stars and is one of the last surviving ballparks of the Negro Leagues. 

Hamtramck Stadium has seen some of the greatest African-American baseball players in history, including Hall of Famers like Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson, and Cool Papa Bell. In the era of segregation, the stadium provided a venue for Black players to showcase their talents and passion for the game, playing a crucial role in baseball’s progression and eventual integration.

The Grape Crusher Chill Disposable Vape from Breeze is the perfect discreet companion for this walk through the storied history of Hamtramck Stadium.

4. Sanctuary Detroit: The Sanctuary Detroit is less than a mile down the road from Quality Roots at 2932 Caniff St. While the venue is noted for punk, metal, and hardcore shows, it hosts a wide variety of musical genres and provides a stage for both established and emerging artists. 

In addition to music, The Sanctuary often showcases visual arts and multimedia installations, contributing to the diverse cultural fabric of the Detroit area. The venue is more than just a place for entertainment. It’s a community hub where creativity and alternative ideas are celebrated.

Punk rock is potent, but so are the True North Fruit Punch 4x50mg Gummies, so grab a pack before you go and catch the next great band to emerge from Detroit’s vibrant underground music scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Quality Roots accepts debit cards. Credit cards are not accepted. Sorry. Don’t blame us. It’s that whole federally illegal thing. Pffft.

For recreational cannabis, you must be 21 with a valid state-issued photo ID or passport. For Medicinal Cannabis, you must be 18 years old with a valid recommendation and state-issued photo ID or passport.

Yes. You must show a valid, state-issued photo ID or passport.

There is no per-day cannabis purchase limit in Michigan for adult-use consumers; the limit is 2.5 ounces per transaction. Medical patients (or caregivers) are limited to 2.5 ounces per day.

Adult-use marijuana is subjected to a 10% excise tax and an additional 6% sales tax. However, medical cardholders are exempt from these.

Prices vary depending on the product. A Cali Blaze pre-roll at $5, while two grams of 710 Live Rosin Percy Batter can range from over $120.

Michigan law states you can only consume cannabis in private settings, such as at home. However, Michigan offers a unique aspect to its marijuana laws. The state permits the use of cannabis at licensed designated consumption establishments. This allows for the creation of social venues, such as lounges and cafes, where individuals can legally consume marijuana. For instance, Hotbox Social and Kalkushka!

Another exciting part of Michigan’s marijuana scene is the budding B&B and travel industry. Given the state’s relatively less restrictive laws, entrepreneurs are creating spaces where tourists and locals can enjoy marijuana in a comfortable, social setting. Check out https://www.budandbreakfast.com/

We sure do. Just check out our deals and discount page online or call the store for details.

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