Embracing Nostalgia: Fall Campaign Revives Iconic Michigan Brand for a New Purpose

Mr. Alan's


Embracing Nostalgia: Quality Roots Fall Campaign Revives Beloved Michigan Brand 


Get ready for fall as Quality Roots brings back a cherished Michigan Brand, filled with memories and nostalgia. Inspired by the well-loved Mr. Alan’s, a former local shoe store, this September is guaranteed to bring back memories and nostalgia . 

Remembering Mr. Alan’s Legacy 

Founded in 1974 by Alan Bishop, Mr. Alan’s Holds a special place in Michiganders’ hearts. With stores in Detroit, Battle Creek, Southfield, and more, it became known for high quality and great prices. Their ads during the 1980’s-1990’s were simple, but memorable. The famous “$29, or 2 for $50” slogan became a local favorite, perfectly encapsulating the value that Mr. Alan’s offered. Even today, the ads and mascots of Mr. Alan’s are fondly remembered. 

A New Direction

With approval from both Mr. Alan’s and Snipes, who acquired Mr. Alan’s in 2019, we’re reviving its charm in a unique way – through cannabis. Our fall campaign has two goals: gain recognition and offer top-notch cannabis at Mr. Alan’s style prices. Like the original slogan, “offering good products at good prices”, we’re becoming a local cannabis spot that embodies these same principles. At Quality Roots, we believe in keeping tradition alive while exploring new paths, reflecting our dedication to both tradition and innovation.  

Join Us on this Journey 

Quality Roots invites you to join us in celebrating the spirit of Mr. Alan’s, starting September 7th and running till October 5th. From the heart of Michigan to the hearts of our communities, this fall campaign is a tribute to the enduring impact of a local legend and a promise to deliver exceptional cannabis experiences.

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