Cannabis Dispensary near Springfield Michigan

Here are driving directions from Springfield Charter Township to Quality Roots in Battle Creek: 

  1. Start by heading north on your local road in Springfield.

  2. Merge onto I-94 West via the entrance ramp toward Chicago.

  3. Continue on I-94 West for several miles.

  4. Take Exit 92 for M-66 toward Battle Creek/Hastings.

  5. Keep right at the fork, following signs for M-66 South/Battle Creek.

  6. Merge onto M-66 South/N Avenue.

  7. Continue on M-66 South/N Avenue for several miles.

  8. Turn right onto E Columbia Avenue.

  9. Quality Roots will be on your right at 141 E Columbia Ave, Battle Creek, MI 49015.

Quality Roots: The Best Dispensary Near Springfield

In the heart of west Michigan, a unique narrative unfolds. Springfield, a township bustling with life and activities, has its own distinct set of rules when it comes to the green plant many are so fond of. You see, within the confines of Springfield MI, the city’s governance has placed a ban on both medical and recreational marijuana dispensaries. A choice, they believe, is for the best.

However, every story has its silver lining. Just a short, scenic drive of 5.5 miles away in Battle Creek, Quality Roots stands as a beacon for all the enthusiasts. Not just because of its proximity to Springfield but because of the reputation it has garnered over time. Quality Roots isn’t just another dispensary; it’s an experience. 

Redefining Excellence with Premium Cannabis Products

The staff, with their extensive knowledge and palpable passion for the cannabis industry, ensure that every customer feels right at home, guiding them through selections, answering their myriad questions, and offering insights that only true connoisseurs can. It’s no coincidence that those from Springfield have dubbed Quality Roots their preferred sanctuary when it comes to cannabis needs. After all, it’s not just about the plant; it’s about the care, the connection, and the community that Quality Roots fosters.

At Quality Roots, you can discover a meticulously curated collection of products tailored to both recreational and medicinal users. Our dispensary boasts an extensive range, from traditional flower strains celebrating the plant in its purest form to many different edibles offering a flavorful twist on consumption. For those seeking targeted relief or specific experiences, tinctures, topicals, and concentrates further diversify the options. Each product at Quality Roots underscores the dispensary’s commitment to quality, innovation, and the holistic benefits of cannabis.

Explore All that Springfield, MI, Offers

In the heart of west Michigan lies Springfield, a gem awaiting your discovery. With every corner turned, and pathway ventured, the city promises stories and experiences.

  1. Goguac Lake: Spend a day at Goguac Lake, where you can enjoy various water activities, including fishing, boating, and swimming. There may also be local boat rental businesses that offer paddleboats or canoes for an enjoyable day on the water.

  2. Sprout BC: Visit Sprout BC, a local community organization or business that may offer activities, events, and resources related to sustainable living, gardening, and community engagement. Check their calendar for workshops and events.

  3. Springfield Farmers Market: Explore the Springfield Farmers Market to support local farmers and artisans. You can find fresh produce, handmade goods, and a variety of local products while enjoying the community atmosphere.

  4. Swing City Dance Studio: If you’re interested in dance and fitness, check out Swing City Dance Studio. They may offer dance classes, from swing dancing to ballroom, providing a fun way to stay active and socialize.

Springfield is also conveniently located near several other popular Michigan destinations, including Battle Creek and Kalamazoo.

So, for those who value both quality and affordability in their cannabis choices, there’s no better destination than Quality Roots. It’s not just a place to discover premium products; it’s where excellence meets value. Don’t miss out on experiencing the best of both worlds. Explore the latest deals and discounts, and elevate your cannabis journey with unmatched savings today!


1. Are there any marijuana dispensaries located directly in Springfield Township, MI?

No, Springfield, MI, has decided to ban both recreational cannabis and medical marijuana dispensaries within its city limits, meaning Springfield residents will have to find other nearby locations.

2. How far is Quality Roots from Springfield?

For residents and visitors in Springfield, MI, looking for a dispensary, Quality Roots is your nearest option, located just 5.5 miles away in Battle Creek.

3. Does Quality Roots offer both recreational and medical cannabis products?

Absolutely! Whether you’re looking for recreational cannabis to relax or medical marijuana for therapeutic needs, Quality Roots in Battle Creek provides a wide variety of both types, catering to the needs of Springfield residents and the larger Michigan community.

4. What kind of products does Quality Roots offer?

Quality Roots is proud to provide a diverse range of cannabis products tailored for the Springfield community. This includes edibles for those who prefer a tasty option, traditional flower for classic users, and various other cannabis products to cater to every preference.

5. Do I need a medical marijuana card to purchase from Quality Roots?

For medical marijuana products tailored to specific therapeutic needs, you’d require a medical marijuana card. However, if you’re 21 or over, you can legally purchase recreational cannabis products without restrictions.

6. How knowledgeable is the staff at Quality Roots?

The staff at Quality Roots is not only knowledgeable about the cannabis industry but is also dedicated to assisting Springfield residents. They’re passionate, always available to navigate customers through the product variety, answer any hard questions, and provide valuable insights and recommendations to ensure everyone finds the right product.

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