While there is still a lot of research to be done, cannabis is making headlines as possible new treatments for those with mental health disorders. While we start to destigmatize cannabis and start to research the potential benefits it may be able to provide, we should start seeing how cannabis can benefit us in our […]

Do’s and Dont’s of Travelling with Cannabis

Do’s and Don’ts of Travelling with Cannabis in Michigan  If you’re looking to do some traveling throughout Michigan with cannabis there are a few things to keep in mind. While cannabis is now legal recreationally in the state of Michigan, there are still laws in place that you should be aware of and follow if […]


The Great Outdoors and Ganja – A High-level Guide to Road Trippin’ Some of the best memories when hiking or traveling outdoors can always included cannabis, whether it be flower, edibles, or concentrates. The view of the Grand Tetons while enjoying a joint is one of the most euphoric and amazing experiences one could have […]