10 Unique Ways to Enhance Your Summer with Cannabis


Summertime – the season of adventure and relaxation is officially here! Michigan natives know that we only have a few months to get outside and enjoy it, so let’s not waste it. It is no secret that cannabis is great for enhancing your mood, sparking creativity, and allowing the body to relax. Whether you are an active hiker, a pool-side relaxer, or camp fire story-teller, cannabis can be used in many ways to enhance your summer.

Here are 10 unique ways that cannabis can be used to add a spark to your summertime endeavors.


(1) CBD + SPF


CBD, Chill Medicated, topical

To protect your skin from harmful UV rays it is very important to use sunscreen, especially in the summer months when the sun is out in full force. SPF is traditionally used to protect the skin, but adding CBD isolate or full spectrum oil to SPF creams and lotions may provide additional benefits for your skin. CBD has anti-inflammatory properties to help ease irritation due to sunburn and reduce recovery time. CBD also works as a powerful antioxidant. Antioxidants can prevent the skin from aging by protecting the skin against free radical damage caused by environmental factors, like air pollution and exposure to sunlight. By using CBD infused sunscreen over traditional SPF, you are protecting your skin from damaging UV rays while also easing discomfort and irritation on top of improving overall skin health. CBD infused sunscreen may be hard to find at your local CVS, but that’s okay because you can always make your own! The easiest way to do this would be to add a CBD topical lotion to your SPF. Adding CBD oil to your sunscreen may also work but those formulations are usually made for oral use, not topical. Chill Medicated has several options when it comes to medicated topical rubs. If you have a favorite sunscreen, try adding one of these Chill Medicated rubs to your sunscreen regimen for added benefits this summer! You can find Chill Medicated products at any Quality Roots location. 


(2) Cannabis Infused Beverages 


Pleasantea, infused tea, THC, infused beverage

Loosen up with cannabis infused drinks for fun without the hangover this summer. There’s not many things that are more refreshing than cracking open a light, bubbly seltzer on a hot summer day or enjoying a nice glass of ice tea at the family picnic. Low dose cannabis beverages are a great way to stay hydrated and elevated. Whether you want something bubbly to sip on by the pool, a beverage to throw in your cooler for the canoe trip, or a thirst quencher that will make your uncle’s bad jokes at the family barbeque more tolerable, cannabis infused drinks are a great addition to any summer activity. Try out Pleasantrees new Pleasanteas from Quality Roots Berkley or click the links below to shop for other Michigan-made cannabis beverages online. 


Highly Casual 


(3) THC S’mores


S'mores, infused chocolate
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Campfire s’mores are a summer staple, and if you think they couldn’t get any better, you’re mistaken. Save the hersheys for the kiddos and start using THC infused chocolates to add a spark to this delicious summer treat. Infused s’mores are a perfect way to end the night or get the night started for this year’s summer camping trip. There are many cannabis edible brands that make infused chocolates, but listed below are a few that can be found right there in Michigan and at any Quality Roots Location.  


Midnight Roots 


Covert Cups


(4) Infused Popsicles


popsicle, chill medicated syrup, THC, infused popsicle
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Infused popsicles are another delicious summer treat that can easily be made at home. There are many ways to make THC infused popsicles, using ingredients such as cannabis infused syrup, cannabis oil, THC dissolvable powders, or cannabis infused honey. You can find many infused popsicle recipes online, however, the easiest way to make infused popsicles would be to add Chill Medicated Syrup to blended fruit or fruit juice and freeze, it’s that easy! Chill Medicated Syrup can be found at all Quality Roots locations and they come in several flavors including Sour Apple, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry, and more. 


(5)  Budsy 

budsy, water bottle bong
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For cannabis lovers who also enjoy hiking, outdoor concerts, or any on-the-go outdoor activity, the Budsy Water Bottle Bong by Puffco is the product for you! The Budsy is designed to look like your average reusable water bottle for moments when discretion is needed. This water bottle bong is designed with a hidden ceramic bowl piece under the mouthpiece connected to a long downstem designed to look like a straw. Leave the glass bong at home where it should be and bring the Budsy along for your next summer adventure for tokes on the low. You can order the Budsy directly from the Puffco website, or pick it up at the closest Quality Roots near you!


(6) Peak Pro

Puffco, electric rig
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Another Puffco product great for cannabis consumption on-the-go is the Peak Pro. This is a portable electronic dab rig for the cannabis consumers who prefer concentrates over flower. Instead of carrying around a large dab rig, butane, and a torch, the Puffco Peak Pro is a more convenient option. Perfect for festivals, camping trips, travel, and so much more. This product is also available on the Puffco website and in our stores


(7) Smokineer 

smokineer, pipe
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 Have you ever gotten frustrated when trying to light a joint or bowl outside but the wind just won’t let ya? Well, there’s finally a solution for that! The Smokineer Nomad is the world’s first pipe and lighter duo that allows you to light a bowl regardless of the weather. The Nomad doubles as a convenient storage container for your flower and is designed to drop a portion of the cannabis from the main container into an internal pipe, where a sliding mechanism packs the “bowl”, pushing the flower into the combustion chamber. This would be perfect for windy hikes, boat outings, backpacking and more! 


(8) Bloomer 

bloomer, wildflower blooming joint tips If you love bees and wildflowers, this ones for you! Bloomer is the first plantable joint tip, made from wax and wild flower seeds. Roll up a doobie with one of these tips and you won’t have to worry about finding a trash can to discard the remnants. Simply just plant the tip in the ground when you are done with it and enjoy knowing that soon the bees will have something to look forward to. Add these to your cart during your next Quality Roots visit and help save the bees!


(9) Eco-Friendly Doob Tubes

doob tube, joint tube, pre-roll container
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Keeping on theme with eco-friendly products, another summer cannabis product that every tree hugger should invest in is a biodegradable doob tube. Not only will the biodegradable doob tube come in handy for storing freshly rolled joints or old roaches, these biodegradable storage containers are made from sustainable materials and will naturally degrade over time if thrown out or dropped in the forest somewhere. There are many different brands of eco-friendly doob tubes, however I’ve listed links to some of the most popular ones below. 



Marijuana Packaging



(10) Bud and Breakfast 

Bud and breakfast website

Last, but not least, if you are big into traveling then this website is a great resource to be aware of. Bud and Breakfast is a website that allows people to search for and book cannabis friendly hotels, ins, cabins, bed and breakfasts, and more worldwide. It is comforting to be able to travel to unfamiliar places and find solace in knowing that you are in a cannabis friendly environment. Some of the bookings even provide cannabis for you or provide directions to get to the nearest dispensary! 

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