What is RSO and Who is Rick Simpson? 


You may have heard of a cannabis product called RSO and wondered what it might be, how it differs from other products, or what it stands for. While it’s not the most popular method of consumption it has a variety of medicinal benefits. RSO is a type of cannabis concentrate that can be used as a topical as well as an edible by putting it in food, drinks, or just consuming it as it comes out of the syringe or tincture. We’re going to dive into what RSO is and the benefits it may be able to provide you! 

What is RSO and who is Rick Simpson? 

RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) is a type of cannabis oil that has a thick consistency and dark color and was originally made as a cannabis topical in 2003 by a man named Rick Simpson.  Rick Simpson created this oil after finding small bumps on his arms that turned out to be a form of skin cancer (basal cell carcinoma). He had used cannabis to help treat a previous condition he had and wanted to see if he could fight his cancer using natural remedies. He started extracting his own cannabis oil and applied it topically to his skin cancer and covered them with bandages. He went through his process repeatedly until he started noticing the areas where he has skin cancer were shrinking in size.  RSO was scientifically shown to help induce tumor cell death and that cannabis and different cannabinoids have antitumor effects. 

How is it Made?

RSO is an oil extracted from the cannabis plant and has similar extraction methods as many concentrates. A solvent is used (RSO usually uses grain alcohol) and the flower material is added to the alcohol. The alcohol and flower mixture is then stirred and then after a certain amount of time it will be drained. The remaining material will then be heated so the alcohol is evaporated from the plant material. What you will have leftover will be a thick and darker-colored cannabis oil that will usually have a higher potency. You can find syringes of RSO with just THC or with a combination of CBD as well. 

How to Dose:

RSO requires the use of no heat to activate the THC because it is already activated. RSO has a variety of benefits and while it was originally made to be a topical, it can be consumed orally like an edible. RSO usually contains higher amounts of THC (up to 1000 mg or higher) it is important to start very low and slow to find the right amount for you. Many people start with a small amount about the size of a grain of rice or smaller and will consume it orally. Because RSO is known to have a strong bitter flavor, a popular method of consumption is placing that small rice-sized amount on a cracker or other kinds of foods, to help with the taste. 

 If you are looking to use RSO as a topical, start by placing a small amount on the area you choose and cover with a bandaid or some kind of wrap and leave it sitting on for 1-3 days. After that time, change the bandage and reapply the RSO to the same spot. 

Syringes of RSO can be hard to extract sometimes because of its thicker consistency, if you find you’re having trouble try placing the syringe in warm water for 5-10 minutes. It should help the cannabis oil become softer and easier to push through the syringe.

If you are looking to try RSO for the first time, you can find any RSO products at any Quality Roots location. Any of our knowledgeable patient care specialists can point you in the right direction and provide information about these products. 

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