Weed Seeds

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Weed Seeds

Cannabis seeds are well known for their nutritional benefits. There is a big difference between the weed seeds” href=””>weed seeds and the weed plant itself. The presence of cannabinoids (THC and CBD), flavonoids, terpenes, etc. in the weed plant contributes to its medicinal value, while weed seeds contain no cannabinoids.

However, they make up for what they lack (the cannabinoids) in general health and nutritional benefits – highly rich in omega acid, fiber, and proteins. This scientifically proven fact has made them available at grocery and regular health stores across the United States, as they are categorized as nutritional supplements. Read on to find out what good eating these little nuts can do to your body system.

High in Natural, Easy-to-Digest Protein

The nutritionist has made it clear that plant-based protein remains the healthiest and easier for digestion by the body than animal-based proteins. Recently, data obtained from research at Massachusetts General Hospital observed the health records of over 120,000 persons over thirty years, and it was discovered that individual who abstained from animal protein had lower death rate than the frequent meat-eater. And also, death risk was reduced by 10% for every 3% increase in plant protein-calorie intake.

Fortunately, cannabis seeds are a fortified source of natural, plant-based protein you can ever imagine. It is the main reason why most farmers across the world (even in far back centuries) nourished their livestock using the cannabis seed mash before it was made illegal.

Reduces Inflammation

The total amount of omega-3s in weed seeds and the seeds' favorable omega-6 ratio can help in the reduction of inflammation. Also, cannabis seeds are highly rich in gamma linoleic acid (GLA), a polyunsaturated fatty acid that also has anti-inflammatory effects.

Studies carried out on animal shows that GLA acts as a potent anti-inflammatory. But some other recent studies show that the acid is not effective as expected in humans. A review of this study carried out at The European Journal of Pharmacology indicates that the GLA is processed in humans in a very complicated way and can produce varied outcomes than in animals.

Regarding these studies, always take note that researchers mostly use higher concentrations of weed seed extracts and that consuming the ordinary seeds may not produce a competent and instant result. Re Inflammation reduction can help control the symptoms of chronic diseases, which includes:

  • Metabolic syndrome
  • type 2 diabetes
  • arthritis
  • heart disease
  • non-alcohol-related fatty liver disease

Deals with Depression and Anxiety

Another proven characteristic of weed seeds is its ability to relax muscles and also to balance the nervous system effectively. These seeds effectively deal with anxiety disorders and depression and control insomnia and epileptic fits to the barest minimum.

Cannabis seeds can be possibly purchased at dispensaries as hemp oil or directly as seeds for consumption. The cannabis seed contains a very lower level of THC, which is the psychoactive substance in Cannabis. Regular consumption of two full spoons of cannabis seeds daily can be beneficial to your health. It can be used to dress salads, added to cereal, or as an add-on to all your meals.

Although cannabis seeds nutritional effect has been proven to be extremely useful, but there are certain limitations to handling Cannabis as it could be easily misused.