Roots Dispensary

Roots Dispensary

Our Battle Creek dispensary stocks some of the best quality roots in Michigan. Whether you are looking for CBD cartridges or quality cannabis oil, our Cannabis shop in Battle Creek, MI, has everything for you.


Our cannabis vape cartridges are a bestseller. The cartridges are compatible with portable, disposable, and stationary vaping devices. We have a wide range of cartridges to give our customers the best vaping experience.

Marijuana Concentrate

Our quality roots menu has a variety of marijuana concentrates at affordable prices. The concentrates are available in various forms, including cannabis wax, crumble, batter, and budder. We also supply pure high potency distillates for recreational and medicinal purposes.

Cannabis Oil

Suppose you are looking for a quality roots dispensary that stocks premium cannabis oil. In that case, you will be happy to know that our cannabis oil collection comes from the best refining factories in Michigan. You can use the oil to provide relief from pain, nausea, or anxiety. In addition, our low potency oils do not have the psychoactive effects of marijuana.

Another use of our cannabis oil is in the making of cannabis tinctures. The oral CBD drops absorb into the blood through the mouth. We also have cannabis oil capsules you can take with water. Besides treating pain and anxiety, cannabis oil is proven to alleviate epileptic symptoms.

CBD Beauty Products

Our cannabis skincare products have both aesthetic and healing properties. We have CBD beauty lotions that clear black spots, acne, and hydrate your skin. These lotions are also a topical solution for curing pain and inflammation.

We also have quality roots balm products that can provide instant relief from muscle pain. Our balms are available in different cannabis strains. Besides providing relief from pain, the cannabinoid receptors on the skin respond to these strains triggering the euphoric effects of cannabis.

Cannabis Edibles

We have an array of edibles to cater to those who prefer a tastier version of marijuana. Our online menu has plenty of cannabis beverages, chocolates, and gummies. We also have cannabis pet treats for your dog.

Our marijuana beverages are ideal for throwing a cannabis-infused cocktail party. We ship the beverages to all states. Our shop stocks some of the best cannabis fruit punch, cola drinks, and coffee beverages.

If you prefer cannabis as a crunchy snack, we recommend our marijuana chocolates and gummies. Solid edibles have more potency than beverages. Our cannabis chocolates are a more acceptable way of indulging in marijuana. They are perfect for people who want to get high without smoking marijuana.

The cannabis gummies are available in different flavors. We stock our CBD gummies in many outlets, including gas station stores. If you live in a state that allows medicinal marijuana use, our gummies are a great alternative to smoking pot.

Cannabis capsules contain cannabis oil in varying potency. Cannabis in capsule form provides fast relief from pain, muscle spasms, and anxiety.

Call our roots dispensary today to order your first batch of cannabis specials. We prepare all our cannabis specials in clean and licensed facilities. Contact Rapid Detox Clinic to speak with a doctor: (800) 276-7021

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