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Finding a place to buy quality cannabis takes time. If you’re not satisfied with the selection of THC products you’ve found to date, consider visiting Quality Roots for the best value. Our Monroe dispensary is conveniently located, affordably priced, and always well stocked with a variety of weed strains and cannabis products, so you’ll always find what you need when you stop in. Check us out online to see why so many Monroe locals choose us for medical and recreational marijuana products.

5 Popular Cannabis Products We Carry At Quality Roots

1. Shopping for weed has never been this easy; you’ll find Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid strains available from our Monroe dispensary, including all of the following:

  • Garlic Icing a Hybrid containing 15.7% THC
  • G7 Gelato, a Hybrid containing 22.1% THC
  • Peanut Butter Gelato, an Indica strain containing 16.38% THC
  • Grape Gas, a Hybrid containing 20.86% THC
  • Fried Ice Cream #2, an Indica Strain containing 21.54% THC
  • Clemendo, a Sativa strain containing 21.87% THC and .06% CBD
  • DBB Bubblegum Gelato, a Sativa strain containing 16.46% THC and .07% CBD
  • Caramel Apple, a recreational Indica strain containing 18.8% THC
  • And many, many others

2. We’re rated one of the best marijuana dispensaries in Battle Creek- your source for Candy Cake Live Hash Rosin, containing a whopping 74.59% THC. Our live hash rosins start with premium craft flower that is tested for richness in trichomes and terpenes. The flower is flash frozen while fresh, hand-washed, and pressed at extremely low temperatures to preserve flavor and aromatics. All of our live hash rosins are solvent-free and guaranteed to be pure cannabis.

3. UBake Banana Cake Moon Rocks, a concentrated cannabis product made from isolated cannabinoids that contain 46% THC and available in our cannabis dispensaries. This product has an immediate activation time and is recommended for experienced recreational consumers.

4. Cali-Blaze Blueberry Infused Mac Pre-Rolled Blunt, containing 1.2g of cannabis. Pick up a few pre-rolls for unexpected company or to enjoy yourself when relaxing at home after work. We carry a terrific selection of pre-rolls in our Monroe dispensary, including many that are ideal for use as medical marijuana in Battle Creek.

5. Violet Delight Live Resin, a hybrid containing 69.7% THC, This ultra-refined live resin comes from Humblebee, a supplier of the highest quality cannabis products. Browse our entire inventory at Quality Roots to find the choicest products for your next marijuana party or personal stash. Ask about Violet Delight when seeking recreational and medical marijuana in Battle Creek.

Take some time to visit our Monroe dispensary, check out our prices and ongoing deals, then try our quality and see for yourself the difference our products can make in your life. You’ll find our entire cannabis menu available on our website, highlighting items such as bummies, Green Taffy, Barracuda Bars, Chill Syrups, Treetown Tincture, disposables, dabs, and many other items.

Consider bookmarking our website and returning often to read informative cannabis articles from our Battle Creek recreational marijuana center. With tips, tricks, and education in one convenient place, you’re sure to learn something new each time you visit our site. Article titles include:

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