How to Share Cannabis During COVID: Passing the Pipe in a Pandemic


Of all the things missing during the global coronavirus pandemic, sharing a toke with a loved one tops the list. There’s not much better than passing a pipe, joint, or bong from friend to friend as everyone gets high.

But how do you share cannabis during COVID in a way that’s safe and comfortable for everyone.

While science tends to evolve regarding the risks associated with many common social habits, like handshakes, hugs, and buying groceries, it’s pretty obvious that you can’t pass around a saliva-ridden pipe for awhile. Carrying alcohol wipes everywhere you go isn’t exactly the answer either.

So, how can recreational marijuana users enjoy a pastime that brings friends and family closer together by sharing a common experience if you can’t be within six feet? It’s easier than you think.

Cannabis enthusiasts are known for being creative people, so there’s always a way to share what they love to do with others. Here are some ideas for enjoying recreational marijuana, even if you’re not meeting up face-to-face:


Fashioned somewhat after those Zoom-based remote office happy hours, you could schedule a weed-smoking party with all your friends online. Everyone can be safely in the comfort of their homes, in compliance with local stay-at-home mandates.

To organize this, send out virtual invitations to everyone you’d like to share cannabis with. Then, come up with some rules. First, of course, is that all participants should have some kind of weed to enjoy. You can even offer information about the best marijuana dispensary Detroit has: Quality Roots in Battle Creek, Hamtramk, and soon Berkley, Michigan.

Make sure everyone who joins in the Zoom call is ready to consume and can tell others what kind of cannabis they’re enjoying. Or, you can order curbside pick-up for your friends from Quality Roots so everyone’s toking the same weed.

Then, you can play games, catch up on gossip, or whatever else you like to do with pals while sharing a toke.


Thanks to so many new cannabis products on the market, there are plenty of ways to ingest cannabis without even having to share a pipe or a joint. Edibles are a great way to experience the euphoria that comes from recreational marijuana in a safe, individual manner.

Edibles come in a wide variety of styles. Most are in the form of candy and chocolates. You can buy hard candies or gummy chews, or baked goods like brownie bites. Some companies make fruity pops and satisfying bars. Trying different flavors — even when you’re in different places — can be a fun way to try a new cannabis product together.


First, check on what flower options Quality Roots has to offer in your location, then make a plan for a cannabis tasting with friends. Each person can pick one or two strains, with everyone agreeing to purchase the combined list of varieties. This event is basically like a wine tasting at a vineyard, but for cannabis lovers.

Give everyone a week to sample the different cannabis types, and ask your friends to take notes about the terpenes, flavonoids, and bodily reactions that come from each kind. At the end of the consumption time, schedule an online event for everyone to share their experiences.

Then, everyone can light up again with their favorite cannabis from the list.


If you must head outside of the house, you may run into a friend with whom you once smoked weed. A fun way to share cannabis during COVID safely is to roll your joints in a way that makes it easy to split.

If you roll a double crutch (add a second filter in the middle of the king-sized joint), you can easily cut the doob with small scissors. That way, you can literally share a toke with someone from the same joint standing six feet apart, or later in your separate homes.


Do you remember the game “Ding, Dong, Ditch”? It’s that classic kids’ prank in which you must ring a person’s doorbell and then run away to hide before they see you. For an especially wretched version, there’s an unpleasant surprise on the doorstep. But why not make it a very pleasant surprise?

Watch your pals break out into a big smile when they discover that you’ve left them a mysterious package of cannabis for their enjoyment on their welcome mat. You can leave a message with instructions or remain anonymous — presuming you can run fast enough and like hiding in bushes.


Maybe sitting around watching everyone surround themselves with clouds on Zoom isn’t how you want to spend your Friday night. Would it be more fun to organize a cannabis baking party instead?

Find an interesting recipe that you and your friends would like to make together, and have everyone set up their best cooking show kitchen set on Zoom. Share the ingredient list in advance and suggest amounts of cannabis. You can even make cannabis butter from flowers in advance and have everyone ready to bake.

The best part, of course, will be sampling the final results.


If you’ve been invited to a virtual cocktail party but would rather get high instead, create a special cannabis mocktail for those who prefer to abstain from alcohol. A dropper filled with a concentrate, oil, or tincture is a perfect ingredient to a craft mocktail.

Research different mocktails or create your own concoction. A tasty idea combines iced black tea, pomegranate juice, a wedge of lemon, and a dab of maple syrup — with a cannabis topper.


No matter how you decide to share cannabis with your loved ones, you’ll want to make sure that everyone is smoking or ingesting the highest quality marijuana. To check out deals on new products and strains, scroll through Quality Roots today.

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