Weed, Cannabis, or Marijuana: What Should You Call It?

The plant that we all know and loves goes by many names. The scientific name is cannabis. But it goes by many other names including weed, pot, marijuana, ganja and more. Where does these names come from and what should you actually call it? Weed Defintion: A plant that is not valued where it is […]


Hangovers have been plaguing humanity since the discovery of alcohol. People have been trying to find the perfect solution to hangovers forever, and there are plenty of supposed hangover cures. One of the most interesting potential cures is equally ancient: cannabis. Some people claim that cannabis is the perfect way to ease the results of […]

What’s a Head High vs Body High?

The expansion of the cannabis industry has created a variety of products and options. Gone are the days of scoring a bag of weed and getting a surprise high. Now you can order your weed online, pick it up in a store, or have it delivered.  The legalization of cannabis has also created a market […]

Your Guide to Concentrates

Concentrates have become the hottest thing in cannabis lately and Quality Roots wants to be your guide for consumption, celebrating, and creating your own! Welcome to YOUR Guide to Concentrates. What is 710? Ever heard of 710 or wonder why July 10th is a holiday for some? You might just think it’s another average day […]