Do’s and Dont’s of Travelling with Cannabis


Do’s and Don’ts of Travelling with Cannabis in Michigan 

If you’re looking to do some traveling throughout Michigan with cannabis there are a few things to keep in mind. While cannabis is now legal recreationally in the state of Michigan, there are still laws in place that you should be aware of and follow if you’re planning on traveling with cannabis products. Some things to keep in mind, where are you going? Are you going to be able to consume cannabis products and if so what are the laws and regulations in that area? How are you getting to this place? These are some questions to ask yourself when you’re preparing to travel with cannabis. 

Cannabis and Driving: Don’t Smoke in the Car! 

One of the main things to know is that it is illegal to consume any kind of cannabis while driving or operating a motor vehicle whether it be smoking flower, vaping, or consuming edibles. A passenger in the car also cannot consume cannabis while a vehicle is being operated and you can be subject to fines or worse. You are legally allowed to transport up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis and up to 15 grams of concentrated cannabis products towards that. 

Cannabis and Flying 

Since cannabis is still federally illegal, you legally should not fly with cannabis or consume it in airports/on a flight. TSA (Transportation Security Administration) officers do not specifically check for cannabis products and are more focused on real threats, but if they do find them they are required to report any violations to the police. If you are someone looking to use cannabis for pre-flight nerves, it is recommended that you consume your cannabis products before your flight. Edibles are always a good option because they are more discreet and have no odor. 

Where to Store Cannabis 

When traveling with cannabis in Michigan, there are many things to take into consideration. While cannabis is now recreationally legal in Michigan for adults 21 and older, there are still laws in place that you need to abide by. Cannabis is famous for its strong odor, and while some love it, keeping the smell contained while traveling is important. If you are driving it is suggested that you keep your cannabis products away from you in the car (preferably the trunk where you can’t see or smell it) and fully sealed so they aren’t accessible. Keeping your cannabis away from you makes it more clear if you were to be pulled over in the car that you were not consuming it. 

If you’re planning on traveling with quite a few items there are a variety of ways to store your products. There are many smell-proof bags on the market that are specifically made for cannabis and smell-proof cannabis canisters to store your flower in. This will also help if you decide to travel outside with your cannabis products, as some other travelers may not be fond of the smell. 

Where Can I Consume Cannabis? 

Even though cannabis is recreationally legal, you cannot consume it in public spaces like parks, on the street, bars, etc. The safest place is always in your own residence or at other’s residences with their permission.  Different areas in Michigan have different cannabis laws as well, in certain cities they may veto the use of cannabis sales and veto recreational cannabis use. If you are visiting an area where you have access to recreational cannabis, consider waiting to purchase any cannabis products until you get there as well. That way you can buy the amount you’d like for the trip and not have to worry about traveling long distances with cannabis products already with you. 

No matter where you decide to travel, knowing the laws in the area is key. Take some time to read and understand what the regulations are in the areas you’re planning on traveling to before you leave on your trip. Cannabis can be a great way to enjoy any trip you take and enhance your experience when consumed in a safe and responsible manner. Some great cannabis products for travel are edibles, tinctures, or vaporizers as they have a less strong odor, unlike flower. 





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